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Things seem to come full circle in life…

I’m doing some “spring cleaning” today and came across my final Case Study for Adult Fitness Instruction:Theory and Practice. A 2-year certification course I took at UCLA in the 90’s.

This is were the love of Anatomy began for me. I had an amazing teacher named Stuart Rugg. He taught Applied Anatomy and Biomechanics in a fun and exhilarating way. I will never forget it or him.

(Here are some of my notes from class and my first business plan. It was just the beginning. Circa 1/29/1990)

I’m giggling inside because yesterday I tested out one of our 2014 students. With her Case Study in hand and her practical test completed, we went over the details of how to begin working with these new and innovative tools from her time spent at LBDC.

I got a thrill in my gut all over again as I answered her numerous questions about the how tos and what ifs-
The excitement of her beginning a new career with the dedication and energy to go out and change lives brought back the deep spirit of why I do this work.

Marie-Jose turned my love of anatomy into the love of movement and it’s healing powers.

It changed my life forever.

I look forward to continuing that legacy for others and spreading the good news that “there’s a better way”…..


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