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I hope these first few days of the New Year already find you in good health and good spirits!

I had to share this poster because all 3 hobbies sound like the business of Pilates!!!

-It’s a blessing for find a career you love AND that you can earn a great living.

-Obviously, you can get in shape by keeping up a daily practice of Pilates. Embodying the principles that Joseph Pilates developed as a lifestyle is an inspiration to many.

-The creative possibilities with Pilates are endless!
From a career path that involves fitness, therapy, sport specificity, dance conditioning to becoming a Master teacher. There is an abundance of continued education and presenters that are developing new curriculum and bringing new research to the Pilates community. These pioneers keep our industry fresh and vibrant.

The 2015 Long Beach Dance Conditioning teacher training begins January 16th! I am so excited to share our most amazing program with new students this year.

For more information regarding the teacher training, please go to our link at and go to the LBDC Teacher Training tab.

To hear testimonials of our program from alumni go to,

Peace be with you,
Kendel Pink