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Are you going fast like a Bullet train right now?? Stress level at Mach 10?

This time of year can make you do crazy things, like live all day on a cup of Joe or eat left over Christmas cookies on the way out the door. (Which of course, I’ve never done! Ha!)

How about eating fun things you don’t normally eat? Then to have your body tell you how much you will regret it later??? I hate that feeling! Because in the moment….it tasted SO GOOD!!

-Make sure you start each day with good clean fuel.

-Don’t let your energy drop during the day, bring some nuts or almond butter packets with you while you’re shopping.

-Eat your healthy meals as usual before a party so when you arrive you’re not tempted to dive face first into the plethora of naughty bits.

-Take “a taste”of each fun food item or even better, share with a fellow foodie! You can cut your calories by half!

Most importantly, let’s keep a healthy, daily focus on the reason of this season-Faith-Family-Friends (and of course Food!!)

Enjoy and Blessings to you all-
Xo Kendel