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What in the world is this for….?

Do you ever have those moments that your creative juices take over and no judgement hovers over your shoulder? You see a need and you fill it??
Well that’s what led me to this contraption-

My client races Late Model 911s (Porsche)-no power steering-tight suspension-and he’s in a 5 point harness-so to simulate his driving experience, I gave his “steering wheel” some resistance in order for him to feel the car from his core, not just shoulders and arms.

Then I really got to thinking….he needs to connect with the clutch and gas-enter split-pedal chair and there ya go!
He can drive all of Laguna Seca in his mind and create a neurological pattern for the next time he drives. He’s hooked!

The next day he told me he had a dream about our set up and we sold it for a million dollars!

I love inspiring my clients-best day evah!