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Marie-Jose Blom is coming to Studio 3 Pilates!

Friday-February 6th and Saturday-February 7th
9 am to 6 pm both days


In a growing climate of popular “fast track” and modular Professional teacher trainings, little or no time is allotted for the essential understanding and foundation of movement. Down the line, the gap between repertoire and “real time” body knowledge grows. To be relevant, the fairly new professional now needs more professional knowledge to attract a growing market of clients with more specific needs. Core Intelligence will help you build beyond your existing expertise as you gain more confidence, broaden your knowledge, and develop skills that allow you to cater to a larger clientele base.

The traditional 9-day Core Intelligence program was designed as a preparatory Pilates course. It is the foundation of the Long Beach Dance Conditioning Teacher Training curriculum. This 2-day course offering will be a condensed version illustrated with a unique PowerPoint presentation that addresses the core system, including the diaphragm and respiratory system, the pelvic floor, lumbar spine as well as related scapular stabilization. The course is hands-on with active participation and role playing – both as student and instructor. The curriculum will focus on proper exercise biomechanics that enhance optimal form and alignment by mastering core stability in a stable environment and then challenging core stability in an unstable environment. The exercises progress systematically from the mat to the trapeze table where resistance is introduced to reinforce strength through optimal alignment.
This 2 day course provides an enhanced foundation and new repertoire skills for the already practicing instructor. Core Intelligence provides updated and exclusive material suitable for use in the clinical environment to refined rehabilitation protocols, back care classes and postpartum therapy according to principles introduced by Diane G. Lee, BSR, MCPA. It is desirable to apply these principles to all exercise and rehabilitation protocols as well as in activities of daily living. Instructors also benefit by using this system approach in their own bodies as they improve their stamina and reduce strain while teaching their clients. Learning Core Stability proficiency pre-strengthens those clients with special needs. Through the instructors understanding of core training they will better be able to reduce injury rates, improve effectiveness of training and identify and isolate faulty movement patterns.

To build range, one goes deeper first, not farther.

The Core Intelligence skill technique elevates Pilates instruction to a new teaching plateau for the instructor by embracing the highest standards of teaching.

A workshop that is not to be missed. Marie Jose is one of a kind in her presentation and depth of knowledge.

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Blessings to you and Happy New Year!

“A teacher affects eternity: he can never tell where his influence stops.” ~Henry Adams

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