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Just a note of gratitude  and recognition to all of our students for the amazing progress they have made.

I am inclined to believe, from my own experience and comments from students, that it seems like we are asking for perfection in our sessions.

Historically, if you go to YouTube and watch any of Joseph Pilates early work, he demanded what he knew to be a better way- Pilates was first called “Contrology”.

He was German, he was a World War 1 detainee, he kept people well during the 1918 influenza epidemic, his method brought patients back from the brink of certain death of those before him, and he was commissioned to train the police force that was later to become the Nazi party.   Thats quite a resume.

He had key principles that set him apart from other exercise programs.

1. Breathing

2. Concentration

3. Control

4. Centering

5. Precision

6. Balanced Muscle Developement

7. Rhythm/Flow

8. Whole body movement

9. Release

Today, however, we have developed another side of the Pilates legacy- Deeper understanding of bio-mechanics, anatomy, and a little more grace- but what sets Pilates apart, remains the same.

When you invest in this journey you will quickly see it is like none other.

So remember when you have your next session, we are for YOU- not asking for anything that we know you cannot do or don’t already have within YOU!


Kendel Pink