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Some of the best opportunities come from, putting yourself out there, dreaming BIG, from a hearts desire to make a difference.

With great excitement and proof that what’s put on your heart is not to be ignored, I’d like to extend an invitation to any young dancer (age 11 and up) to come to the Studio 3 Pilates Dancers Intensive on August 11-12!

I’ve asked these three massively talented teachers (Alicia Head-The Inner Life of Ballet, Donna Place-Functional Movement Assessment for Dancers and Chris Baltes-GAITway to Dance) to come together and share their expertise on technique, anatomy and the bio mechanics of dance.

My hearts desire is to educate young dancers on how to be the most effective, injury free, stunning dancer they can possibly be.

Please join me in sharing this opportunity to the dance community.

More information and registration, please go to our website at