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It warms my heart when I recieve a testimonial like this-it’s the whole reason I love to teach…

2014 Student Testimonial

The LBDC Pilates teacher training program, under Kendels direction, not only provides you with friends that you will never forget, with information that will help you live a healthier pain-free life, with tools to give you a stable job, but it is a life changing program.

What you get in return for the time and money that you put into the program surpasses in all quantity and quality. No testimony can describe the program’s value – what you get is priceless.

For me personally, this program has given more than I could ask for. Being a graduating college student in the area of kinesiology, nothing has been more on my mind then how am I going to find a job after I graduate. This program is exactly what I needed to tie together what I have been learning at school with finding a “real-world” job. In fact, this program not only opens me to the opportunity to get a job following graduation, but gives me the guarantee that I will have a well-paying job that I love in an area of high demand.

I highly recommend this teacher training to any student who loves the human body, because it truly teaches an individual how to move and support oneself with every cell in the body AND teaches you a skill that is easily employable.

This is not any normal Pilates teacher training program; it goes into much greater anatomical depth than any other training program I have done – including many of the classes in my degree. Not only did I meet friends that I will never forget, but I was taught a skill that every person should have.

Through the six months of re-educating both my mind and my body, I can say without a shadow of doubt that I am a changed – and better – person.

Britte Nielsen-Vancouver Canada

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A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops-Henry Adams